World is going crazy

The world is going crazy and it seems I am the only one noticing. Everyone else is content going on with their lives inside the loop they’ve created. Day by day people are giving up what makes them human. Their sole interest has become having as much as possible.

We have forgotten how to connect with each other. We have forgot what is good for our soul. We forgot we have a soul.

We are chasing profit in all forms and shapes, with no concern for what we give up to obtain it. The planet is tired with us and our behavior, enough that is starting to clean itself from the pests we are. Until we can find our humanity I don’t believe we, as a species, have a chance to move forward. For now, we are happy just playing around in the mud.

No matter if we admit it or not, we all need human contact. We long for it. We long for the attention and for how it feels when people are around us. Most of all, we long for being seen.

In order to be seen many of us are willing to give up parts of ourselves only to borrow from others. We do this hoping it will make us more visible. From my experience, this doesn’t work.

The single way to be more visible is to show who we are. As true as you possibly can.

We all run after material things in this world that wants us to keep buying.

Once we start questioning ourselves it becomes clear we need a lot fewer things than we want. What we really want is to feel. To feel love, to feel we belong, to feel safe and most of all to feel we are worth something.

Self worth is exactly that. It comes from one’s self. It can’t be bought or increased by acquiring things or knowing many people.

Your value as a person is established by you and no one else. For a life that’s true, how you value yourself must be as close to reality as possible. If you go too low, you will have a hard time. If you go too high, you will still have a hard time, only in a different way.

Know yourself. Know what you’re worth. Your life depends on this.