Is there a purpose?

I have always believed things happen for a reason and with purpose. I have accepted that I don’t understand why everything works.

Still, at times, I find myself out of patience and understanding. When I’m selfish, I’m questioning the universe about why things don’t fall into place the way I want them. When I’m not selfish, I’m thinking of how bad things happen to good people and I fail to understand why.

Life is not made for me to understand, but for me to live. On this note, I am trying to move forward counting only the blessings coming my way and all else passes unaccounted for. I found it to be a rewarding perspective.

The good and bad in my life was only life before I called it otherwise. Events are unimportant until we let them in. When we let them in we tag them and this tag is important because it can help or hinder.

Our life, as people, would be lighter if we learned to see everything’s true value, ourselves included. This way the need to compare and the need for validation would be gone. This way we could focus on what is important to us.

Through the mist of every day, we receive glimpses of what awaits us if we are wise enough to follow our own path. Finding the path is hard and sticking to it it’s harder, but what you get from this is worth it. I hope it is.

Going your own way will be lonely at times. People will not understand you, sometimes not even the ones close to you. They will see you as a crazy person, and at moments you must be, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to move forward.

Everything around seems to have been created with a single purpose, distracting us from finding out who we really are. All that is important happens in your mind, everything else is an illusion.