We get used to things

Today is a day of promises. Promises of new beginnings. This means nothing if I’m not willing to act on the opportunities presented to me. Each day starts with the promises of something new, but it’s not relevant until we decide to act upon what is presented to us.

Many times, we are so caught in our own ways of doing that we miss the possibility to make our life better. We become unaware of the good coming our way only because we got used to the situation we are in. Our circumstances won’t change until we open to change. Once we do this the world looks different.

We get used to things, to being a certain way, to saying specific words. Once we done that is very hard to make changes in our lives, in our habits. That is tricky because we need to make changes exactly when habits start to get the best of us.

If we have decided on giving up a bad behavior, we have a chance. Now the real work starts. Doing this the same way for a long time has made it a part of you. You have to get rid of this and it will feel like a piece of you is being ripped. Once you understand the benefits of giving up the pieces of you that don’t help making you better, you are ready to evolve. Until then you will have to fight yourself each step of the way. Focus on where you need to go, it will help when you feel weak.

How is we can’t change the things we do wrong even when we are aware of that. It seems we are caught up in the way we do things and are unable to see past that.

When we understand that our current way of doing things is wrong it should be easy to change, but it’s not. Changing our way is a lot of work and without a strong will, it might seem impossible.

Nothing is impossible for a soul with a clear vision that has decided success is the only acceptable outcome. When we put our soul in what we do and feel that is right, life has no other choice than to open up and provide us with what we need.

We must pay attention because what we need might not always look like what we want.