We are all alone

It’s a strange thing to be with only your thoughts for so many days in a row. They keep on coming even when you want them to stop, even when you want to sleep. They will keep coming until you make peace with them, one by one.

If you have the patience to analyze those thoughts coming, you will discover new things about the person you are. New things that would have remained unnoticed.

We are social beings because we look for acceptance and approval from others, but most of us have never known and accepted ourselves. Being alone forces us to acknowledge parts we didn’t know we had, and to accept, or at least make peace with the parts we don’t like.

We are all alone, in truth. We might have around people that love and advice us, but when it all matters, when the decision is taken, we are alone.

This doesn’t mean we need no one in our lives, but it means no one can make our choices for us. If we allow it, people will try this in order to use us or point us in directions we don’t want to go.

For us to have some sense of control we must learn to make our own decisions and choose our own paths, regardless of what everyone else is doing. By doing this we have a chance of finding purpose, maybe even happiness.

Deciding for yourself is much harder than ever in today’s world when there is an expert telling you what to do in every aspect of life. People can help you better see who you are, they can advise, but they can’t make you the one you need to become.

It is your responsibility to become whoever you want to be, and nobody else can do something about it.