Work you love

What can you do to make things move faster? You have tried all that you know, but the expected results aren’t showing up. Maybe you’re looking at this situation from the wrong point of view. Everything that got you here is important because even if you’re not acknowledging the progress, it still happens.

Fine, where you are is not where you expected to be by this time, but you can’t be so blind that you can’t see that you are a different person now than you were ten or twenty years ago. Time has not passed over you with no impact. Today you are a better person because you were transformed by the life lived, you have learned from it, and you have evolved.

Not all people move at the same pace, and they all learn different lessons from life. So, stop comparing yourself to people, only to find that they are better than you in some areas. You can’t be as good as someone that worked on learning something for years, while you did it for a few weeks.

Still, you have skills and abilities that make you better than others in some areas, but because you haven’t found a way to use these in the real world, you disregard them when making your own assessment. There is more to you than what you’ve been seeing. It’s about time that you start noticing other parts of you, and understand that you are all of you, all of the time. Stop acting like you are less.

Why are you afraid to make the changes you need in your life? It took a lot of time to get clear on what those changes are, but now that you know what you have to do, is not that easy to do it.

A long time ago you decided that once you find the thing that speaks to you, you’ll never doubt that it will take you in the right direction. What are you doing now? Aren’t you doubting everything about it? There is no use for this.

Yes, now, it feels harder than ever before to move on the path you have chosen, but it is your path, and you decide the rhythm in which you move. The only requirement is that never stop working on what is important to you. Don’t beat yourself up for moving at a slower pace. As long as you are happy with the progress, there’s nothing to worry about.

If you are not happy, then guess who’s responsible for that? So, what are you going to do about it? Remember how it all started. Remember the way you felt in the beginning when your head was full of ideas? And, most of all, remember the pleasure you felt in doing the work.

The work you do is important, first for you, and then for the people that are going to be impacted by it, but that comes later. Right now, you must focus on doing the work that you love doing. Everything else is unimportant. Find the joy in it even when it’s hard and nothing will ever be able to stop you.