Follow through

Wanting to do something means nothing if you’re not going to follow through. But it’s so easy to think of doing so many things, and so hard to actually do them. Maybe it’s better this way because it tests your commitment to doing that thing, so only what matters to you gets done.

Lately, though, it seems you can’t find the discipline to work on what matters to you. Are those things still important to you, or are they required by your ego? If they are still of value to you, it’s time to do them. Start small, and don’t expect big results from the beginning. Keep going and they will come.

You don’t need to do everything all at once. You just need to do something every day. Every small progress that you make will give you the energy to go forward.

For years, you’ve been avoiding the truth. Noting is done until it is done. And it’s you who’s going to have to do this, or it will never become a reality. It’s time to decide if you are who you say you are, or if you just like to think of yourself as being that person.

Because if you are the person who started this, then you need to be the person who finishes this. And the only way to finish it is to work on it until it is done. It will be difficult but you can do it.

If you are doing nothing to improve things, are you allowed to complain about life being hard? Every day you have the choice and opportunity to do something that takes you closer to what you desire. No matter how small the progress is, it still matters.

There is something in the back of your mind, asking for attention, but you keep ignoring it. Why is that? Why can’t you admit that you are afraid? You are afraid that if you finish what you started, and it’s not good, it invalidates all of your work.

But that can never happen, because the work you already did has transformed you. You are now a different person than the one who started on this path. In the beginning, you were afraid to start, and now, you are afraid to finish.

In the back of your mind, you know that you have to finish what you started. Always! It’s not even about the thing. It’s always about you.

Sit with yourself until you identify what is stopping you from doing the work, even when you don’t want to do it. If you can find nothing, immerse yourself in the work you have to do, and become comfortable with it again. This way you’ll know if it still speaks to you, if it is still something that you want to pursue.

Don’t let fear keep you from doing something that you love, only because you are afraid that the results of your work will not be good. Focus on what you love to do, put in the work, and the results will show up.