Say what you mean

Why is it so hard for you to say what you mean? Instead, you keep making up complicated stories in an attempt to make people believe and act in a certain way. That never works. People have their own minds and their own way of being and if you want them on your side, you’ll need to speak to who they are, not to who you want them to be.

If you think about it, what is the benefit of always hiding your intentions? In the long run, you will lose a lot more than you gain from the few times it works. You don’t like to be tricked, so why would anybody else like it?

Put yourself in the other person’s place, to gain some insight into how your behavior is harming people, and finally, is harming yourself. What you are really looking for can’t be obtained by trickery. Only by being true to yourself and to others you can become the person you want to be.

To give up the current way you do things will take courage, and for a while, it might feel like it’s not working, but you need to keep at it. The longer you do things in the new way, the more benefits you’ll gain. This does not mean that it will feel right.

Remember that success is whatever you say it is, for you. Some people will try to sell it to you, just like you’re trying to do with others. The truth is that they know about success just as much as you do, and that is almost nothing.

Why are you so scared to do things as you see fit? Does it really matter what strangers will think? You’re just afraid that if everyone sees the real you, they will no longer want to be around you. But if they accept you for something you’re not, isn’t that worse?

There is no benefit in trying to be somebody else just to fit in somewhere. It’s only wasted time and wasted energy.

You are better off showing the world who you are because then you know that the people who stay with you do it because of who you are. In the long term, this is the better approach because it takes little to no effort on your side, and it draws close the right kind of people.

It is scary to present yourself to the world without any protection, without masks to hide the real you, but the life you’ve been given is meant to be lived by you, for you. The less you hide of yourself, the more you can be sure that the people that stay close to you are there because they want to, know who you are.

No matter how weird or different you think you are, there are other people like you in this world, and similar people are drawn to each other. When you project a different person into the world, you will attract the wrong kind of people because they are there for the person you projected, not for you. So, be yourself, and let the right people find you.