Where to?

Where are you heading? Don’t be scared if you don’t know the answer. These days, your focus is on survival. It’s been like this for some time now. So, there’s no time to figure out where you’re going, not while you’re running from something.

You can’t always keep running away. There will come a time when you’ll have to face the things you’re running away from. To prepare for that moment, you need to understand why you do things, and what they mean to you. You need to learn what is good and what is bad for you.

The reason why you don’t know where you’re going is because it is not important, not as long as all you want to do is get away from what’s behind you. What is behind you can no longer hurt you if you don’t cling to it. Let the echo of those events fade from your mind, and look forward again.

The part of life you still have is in front of you, but you will miss it if you keep looking back. Nobody really knows where they are heading, they just make a choice, and stick to it until they figure out if it works for them or not. It might not be optimal, but it’s a better way than wandering aimlessly in the dark.

You only need to stay with your choice until you understand if it’s the right one for you. Make a choice today to go after what matters to you, or at least what you think matters to you, because it will reveal what is really important to you.

So, where are you heading? You are doing your best every day, but it is of no use if you don’t know where you’re going. What are you trying to achieve, in the long term? What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Take some time to reflect on your life, and make an intentional decision on what you want it to be from now on.

It will be of great use to have some kind of guidance moving forward. But even when you have an idea of where you are going there will still be surprises along the way. But knowing the destination makes it easier to deal with them, and it makes it almost impossible to be diverted from that.

Until now you acted on your instinct, but it is not that reliable when the only reference it has is how you acted in the past. Well, how you did things in the past, brought you here. Do you like it? If not, it’s time to try doing things differently.

At first, you will be afraid, because it means that you’ll have to move out of what you know, and into the unknown.

Remember that you did this before, even if you didn’t pay attention to it. You have always done it because life comes up with surprises you need to adapt to. While life pushes you forward, make sure that you have a destination in front of you, so that the whole journey is less scary than you’re making up to be