Why are you down?

Why are you down today? Everything is fine, so there is no reason for you to feel the way you feel. A fog came over your mind and it’s stopping you from seeing things like they are. You keep going back and forth over what you have to do, but you are not actually doing anything.

Can’t you see that the only way to get out of this slump is to do the work in front of you? And to do that, you need to get out of your head.

Being alone proves to be difficult today, but you don’t want to see anybody either. You’re going over your thoughts in the hope that you’ll be able to find some kind of motivation. It is easier to find motivation by doing something. So, instead of thinking of the best way to do the work at hand, you should be doing the work in the way you know.

The way you know might not be the best, but is good enough to make some progress, and by making progress you’ll learn new things that you can use to make even more progress. Shake away the numbness you feel right now, and do something. It doesn’t even matter what, as long as it gets you moving. Once you’re in motion, it will be easier to change direction towards what needs to be done.

You can choose to stay in this state, but then you are not allowed to complain that nothing changes. It is in your power to improve your situation, but no amount of self-pity will do that. To make things better and change the way you feel, you need to take some action. Once you are in motion everything becomes easier.

Life has been good for you lately, but you’re not able to enjoy it, and this thought keeps bugging you. Why aren’t you able to feel good even when things go your way? You worked so hard to get here, only to find that what you wanted doesn’t bring the feeling you’ve been chasing.

The feeling you want doesn’t come from finishing things; it comes from going after them. It comes from finding solutions to new problems. Right now, you are not required to find solutions because everything is clear in your life, it has a certain rhythm.

Even if you can’t deny the benefits of having a clear life that has a predictable rhythm, it leaves you unsatisfied. There is nothing to test you, nothing to keep you alert. Having it so good numbs your senses to a point that you no longer question what happens. You take everything for granted.

It is not wrong to enjoy the result of your work, but you are right, life needs to also be unpredictable to be fun. When you are able to see too far into the future, it takes away the excitement of not knowing. And as long as you don’t know what is going to happen, everything is possible.

For now, try to enjoy the peace, and recover. Life always has some unpredictable twists, it is then that you’ll be able to solve new problems. Until that happens find satisfaction in knowing that the people you care for are in a good place. Enjoy their enjoyment.