In loneliness

You no longer get out of the house as often as you used to do, and that is fine, but you need to recognize that it made you a bit more anxious. It’s not like you were ever an extrovert, but these days, you rarely get out. You don’t really enjoy being alone, but you enjoy the safety of your home.

Though you are fine with the way things are, there’s a thought in the back of your mind that keeps nagging you. It urges you to go and meet new people. And even if this thought scares you, there’s truth in it.

Being alone with yourself for too long can cause a certain distancing from the world. Listening to only your opinions that no one is arguing against, will create the illusion that you are always right. It is important to constantly be exposed to opinions that are different from yours because this is how you learn if what you believe is valid.

Find a way to meet people again, and talk to them. Listen to what they have to say. Become comfortable with the fact that there is a lot that you still don’t know. Your opinions are not a universal truth only because they are yours, no matter how confidently you’ll share them with the world.

They need to be tested in the real world, and you’ll have to admit that they are wrong if it’s proven to be the case. Every other person might have a different perspective on the same idea that you came up with, and before you dismiss their perspective, you first need to understand it.

Your opinion is the most important only to yourself. That’s why you need to put it in the open to see if it stands by itself.

There are benefits in being alone with yourself, but just like in society, there are rules for a good interaction. You are not used to your own company, and it feels awkward to be with yourself for a long time. It’s only natural because you have not yet developed a relationship with who you are.

Running from the world seemed like a good idea only a few weeks ago, but by now, your mind is so loud that it makes it hard to sleep. You are trying to run from what it’s saying, but this time it won’t work. There’s only one way to calm your mind, and that’s by having a conversation with yourself.

Don’t dismiss what your mind is telling you. Don’t try to ignore it because it will only be louder next time. Be your friend, listen to what is being told, and understand where is coming from. Doing this will help you become comfortable with being alone, with what your mind is telling you.

When your mind is no longer loud, it means you have accepted what it was saying. Your mind will never stop talking, but now is a conversation, not a shouting contest. Now it’s something that can help you make sense of the world and it can help you make better decisions.

Every day, find time to be alone and talk to yourself. Listen to what the mind brings up, identify where it’s coming from, and find a way to make peace with it. Remember that you are not your thoughts, but they are saying something that you need to hear.