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How does it feel to be frozen again, while the world keeps moving around you? Days seem to be all the same, even if you know they’re not. Many things ask for your attention, but you don’t seem interested in them.

For the first time, the past is no longer of interest to you, but surprisingly, nor is the future. Your mind hovers over the present moment with absolutely no judgment or expectation. This makes just being much easier than it used to be, but at the same time, it makes you wonder.

Are you allowed to be like this? Is only doing the minimum a good way to live? Shouldn’t you be doing the things you said you want to do?

A better question would be “Are you fine with this?” or “How does it make you feel?”. If you are at peace with how things are and with the way you feel about the situation, it shouldn’t matter what people say. There’s only one person who can evaluate your life, and that person is looking back at you from the mirror.

You might be confused by the lack of interest that you exhibit right now, but maybe that’s what you need. You’ve been focusing on many things, trying to make progress, but you also need time to take it in and appreciate what you accomplished.

Maybe you are not frozen after all. You’re in a state of relaxation that allows you to see the past and the future with no claim on them. You see the future and you know the past, but you live your life in the present.

It feels like the past has been erased, and you no longer remember the things that used to occupy your mind. All that you can focus on is what is, and what can be. What was is no longer changeable.

You were used to spending a lot of time with your memories, and not visiting them as often seems strange. Even though your life is lighter now, you need time to adjust. Take all the time that you need, but give yourself permission to enjoy all that you have in your life.

There is no need to always be running around, to feel that you make the most of life. There are many moments that are meant to be looked at, to be felt, to be lived. Everything that matters takes place here, and if you keep looking back you won’t notice.

Now that your mind no longer finds comfort in the past, it’s time to be present in your life. See the beauty that’s in front of your eyes, feel it with your heart. Learn to listen, and pay attention to people. Enjoy the time you are awake. In truth, your past is not completely gone. You still remember what is important, but it doesn’t keep you stuck there anymore.

Now you are allowed to come and go as you wish because you are no longer attached to what happened in the past. It’s time for you to enjoy the blessings in your life, and to do that, you need to be here and make the best of this moment.

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