Everything to everyone

You want to be everything to everyone, but that is impossible. Who you are has nothing to do with anybody else.

Living means making sense of the chaos. That means that you take what is happening in the world and adjust it so that it makes sense for you. You decide what makes sense, but not everything that makes sense will be good for you. It is your responsibility to find what is good for you.

Stop trying to be like every person that you meet. Choose your destination, and let the path reveal itself. You haven’t stayed long enough with something to know if it’s good for you, but every day you find something new that you deem worthy of your time and effort.

Your time and effort should not be so easily squandered. They are to be used with the purpose of making something with the time you have in this life.

How can you make something of yourself if all you do is try to be like every interesting person that you meet? It’s fine if you want to borrow abilities from other people, but the final product, meaning you, should be original.

You are allowed to mix any ingredient in the pot, as long as you are happy with the way the food tastes. Mix in all you deem necessary, but remember that what you end up with is all about you.

Most of the things you desire will not bring the expected results. You want those things in the hope that they will be able to fill the emptiness you’ve been feeling for a big part of your life. By now, it should be clear to you that this approach doesn’t work.

You need to start paying attention to the yearning of your soul. Focus on what they are telling you. Your soul is not interested in how many things you can buy, but it cares about what kind of person you are. It’s been telling you what it needs all along, but you chose not to listen.

The life you lived brought most of what you thought you wanted, but it is what you wanted twenty years ago. That is why now you’re trying to explore what your soul asks for. Let it show you what it needs. Use the way you feel as a guide. Learn to value things for what they steer inside of you.

You still have a lot of time to live, and you need to understand more of it, you’ll need to pay attention to the feelings and the thoughts that live deep inside of you.

Inside of you are stories that you have never listened to but that dictate many of your desires and your actions. Analyze them one by one, and decide if they are good or bad for you, and then give up on what doesn’t help. The life you live is only a story you’re telling yourself. Make sure that is a good story.