Focused attention

Sometimes you delay things in the hope that they will solve themselves, but it rarely goes like that. Most times, you push them into the future until you finally do them, but with more effort, or they become big enough that you decide you can’t do that.

Every time you avoid what you have to do, the energy that should go into work, goes into blaming yourself for not doing the work. This gives you a false sense of doing something, even if in reality, it’s worse than doing nothing because it pushes you back.

You already know what the result will be before you act this way, but you still act the same, thinking that you’ll do it later, or that is not that important, or that you don’t feel like it.

What is important should be done regardless of how you feel about it. You can’t wait to act on things only when you feel like it because you’ll make more progress by being consistent. What is not important should be discarded to not waste time that could be used in a better way.

Remember that you are the one deciding what is important and what is not, and be assured that you have to decide this. There’s no way you can do everything. Your energy is not infinite, so some things need to be given up for others to be advanced.

Once you are clear on which is which, it becomes easier to work on them when needed. To make doing the work easier, make the important things non-negotiable. They need to be done, so stop debating about it.

Why do you worry so much about every little thing that you do? Most times there’s nothing you can do about them. The extra pressure you put on your mind by trying to keep everything active could be of better use to make progress on the few things you can do something about.

It’s not that you should not try to find solutions for the problems in your life, but understand that you can’t find them all at once. For some things, you have enough information and resources to act on, and for the rest, you’ll just need to accept that, at this time, you can do nothing about it.

Life will not get better only because you want to do more. Progress comes from what you actually do, and if you keep worrying about everything, that won’t be much. Take a good look at where you are now. Notice what is available, and find ways to use that to help you make progress on the things that matter.

No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to go in all directions at the same time. Just like the light focused through a magnifying glass can start a fire, so your focused attention can make things happen.

Instead of worrying all the time about things that might never happen, focus on what you have available, and what you can do with that. This way, you’ll be able to make some progress, which is better than no progress.