You’ve been trying to understand people and yourself for a big part of your life. Your main focus was to listen to what the person you are talking to is saying so that you can be of service if needed.

Because you are a real person and not a robot, it is not easy to act in the same way every time. That is why you catch yourself taking over the conversation, talking about what you did. All people like talking about themselves, and you are no exception, but you know better than to make everything about you.

When you are able to listen to people it might do them better than any advice you can give. What you have to give to the world is important, but it first needs to be requested. You also need to learn how to give of yourself without being left completely empty.

You can do a lot of good, and you want to do a lot of good, but you’ll not be of any use to anybody if you don’t learn to take care of yourself first. Taking care of yourself first is not selfish, it only allows you to be able to help when necessary because you are at the best of your abilities.

To do the best you can, you need to be in the best shape, physically and psychologically. You can only do this if you don’t just give without putting something back. To be of service to the people that need you you’ll have to learn how to be of service to yourself. Remember that being a good person starts with being a good person to yourself.

All the blessings in your life are meant to be shared. What is the point in having everything you have ever wanted if it brings joy to no one? You deserve all the good in your life, and you enjoy it, but something doesn’t feel right like there’s more you could do.

The work you did to get here has transformed you. You don’t trust people easily anymore, and it’s partly justified. You have learned a lot about the world and yourself, and even if you don’t want to admit it, every time you do something for another person you do it also for yourself.

It’s necessary to take care of yourself, but once that is done, maybe you should try to take care of someone else. Become for people the support you needed in your times of struggle. Give back from what you have learned. Allow people to be inspired by your success.

From now on, every time you help someone, remove all expectations from the interaction. It will be difficult to do for a pragmatic person like yourself, but contrary to what you may believe, you’ll gain a lot more than you’re able to see right now.

Give what you can back to the world, and your reward will come from the inside. The love you share will always be replenished. No one can do everything alone, and you know this better than anyone, that’s why you feel the need to be of service. So, love people, and let them be. It’s the only way this works.