Way not to be afraid

Is there a way not to be afraid? I don’t think there is, but when fear starts messing with our day to day life it will create a lot of problems. I am afraid of a lot of things and every day I find new things to be afraid of. Fear is a part of my life.

Fear started as a good feeling. It was supposed to make us aware of the danger and save our life. Nowadays it just keeps us from changing, from evolving. Each time we are faced with new challenges we freeze in fear.

If you give it a few moments you will be able to move past fear and make a decision based on how the situation really is, not based on your biased perception of what is happening.

A life lived in fear of not making a mistake is it lived at all?

I am scared before every decision I make, but I try to see past my fear even when it’s hard to do. This way I don’t see the fear and I am able to move towards what I want. I make my decision in spite of the fear.

Fear does nothing but freeze you in place, unable to make any progress. I have learned by now that if you want to evolve mistakes are unavoidable. The situations that scare you will not change until you take action. Sometimes acting is more important than being right.

We live in a world where everyone wants to be perfect, a world that forgot mistakes are wrong only if we learn nothing from them. As long as we chase perfection, but fear to take any action, nothing will change.

It is not perfection we should chase, but progress. Being better today than we were yesterday, that is the target. This way we win each time we improve upon who we are, even when we make mistakes.

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