No life in the shadows

There is no benefit of living life in the shadows. It helps no one. By hiding from the light, you don’t allow yourself to grow and enjoy life as it should be. You don’t connect with the people you need. You only pass through, living to leave as few traces as possible.

Stepping into the light is frightening but is the only way for everyone else to see you. Even though you might not know it, you want to be seen. Find the courage to present yourself to the world as you are. Let the light shine on you showing every little imperfection. Contrary to what people want you to believe, nobody’s perfect. You will have the best experience in life once you accept those imperfections. They are not the problem. How you see them is causing trouble.

I still believe we were left here to be better people, to support each other, to make this world better. Unfortunately, the real world is trying to convince me of how wrong I am and how there’s nothing good left. I hope that even in a dark world there are souls that can share their light and by doing this help others find their own inner light.

As beings, we are not as intelligent as we’d like to think, because I know of no other living creature that willingly ruins its home. We treat this world as an unending source of everything, with no respect for what it provides or for one another. Each day we go further from what it means to be human, driven by greed.

Our only salvation will come from understanding that we are as much part of the world as the world itself. We can’t ruin the world without destroying ourselves.

We must learn to speak to each other’s souls again because today’s kind of communication is not touching the soul anymore. Speak from the heart so that people can feel each word in their own hearts.