Night shadow

“A new life starts today. All you have done is forgotten. This day you are born again, but there is one thing required from you. You must give up everything, the bad and the good. There is no choice.  What do you say? Are you ready? Cause I’ll be gone soon.”

This is how the shadow in front of my eyes spoke. I try to step back. My mind tells me to run, but my body doesn’t listen. I look around. Nothing seems familiar, though I am sure this is my room.  The air is cold. I feel it stinging my lungs.

“Calm down kid. You called me here. No need to be frightened. We need to talk about what you asked. Think hard. I’m sure you’ll remember”

But I don’t remember. I don’t understand anything I hear. I’m still hoping this is only a nightmare. An extremely vivid one. 

As I start to calm down my senses begin to work again. The shadow in my room flows into a human shape. Someone I feel close to, but I don’t recognize. The air is clearing, and I can now breathe with ease.

-I know you. Don’t I? Or at least I used to know you.
“I ‘ve been trying to tell you this from the beginning.”
-Still don’t know who you are, but I’m sure we spoke before. Many times.
“Indeed, and now it’s time to speak again. You must decide. For good this time.” 

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