Wake up to this new day

Wake up and breathe in the air of this morning. This is not a day like any other because you have not lived through this one yet. Stop reliving your past with every new day. Allow yourself the chance to be surprised. Not all surprises are good, but they’re not all bad either.

Each morning when you open your eyes, this is a signal that everything you see it’s new. But now it’s not always well received because the old has already become part of who you are, and giving it up for something that is unknown is no easy task.

As long as you live, you will be in a continuous process of transformation. Most of this process happens when you are busy with other things, but some changes will force you to acknowledge them. When this happens, you might feel helpless, but it’s only a matter of perspective.

The pain you feel now it’s not meant to stay with you forever, but rather to teach you a lesson. Be open to the new things this day brings. Make the best of them, and don’t be afraid to give up on the old ways if they are not working for you in this new day.

You have everything that is needed to have the life you envision, but it will all go to waste if you are not ready to undergo the transformation necessary to go from here to there. Some of your choices might have been wrong in the past, and that’s fine, we all do mistakes. This new day is giving you a chance to start anew, don’t squander it.

Experience is important in all aspects of life because it can help you better manage what comes your way. In order to gain more experience, time is involved, but we are impatient and expect results before putting in the work.

We can learn how to do something by doing that same thing many times. By doing this, we can identify what doesn’t work, and find ways to solve it. In time, we learn enough so when the same obstacle comes in our way, we have the expertise and abilities to easily overcome it.

As with all things in life, experience can sometimes be an obstacle on your evolution path. This will happen when your decisions are based only on past events and you fail to take into account your current reality. You are correct to trust your experience, but at the same time, you need to adapt your actions to what is in front of you.

Life will always take you by surprise, no matter how prepared you think you are. When this happens, you can get stuck there, or better, you can adapt your approach to reality, and find a way to move forward. It might not be the best action, but as long as it allows you to make progress, it’s the best action at that moment.

As long as you can’t see into the future, the best way of action is to learn as much as you can, and when faced with difficulties, trust what you know, but don’t forget to adapt it to the current situation.