Matters of perspective

Your state of mind and the perspective you hold of the world are deciding the way your life unfolds. The most important of the two is perspective because it’s the one filtering the real world, letting in only certain things. Your state of mind comes and amplifies or reduces the effect of what’s happening according to how you feel about it.

The world will always move on its course, regardless of anyone’s feelings, but the ego makes it all about itself. The outside does not revolve around any individual, but the mind has created this illusion for us to be able to justify things.

All that we do, as humans, is part of a story that we tell ourselves. It does not matter if the story is true or not, it only needs to make sense for us. This means the mind is full of stories that we made up about everything we did.

By now, we have no idea which are correct and which not, but we consider them all true. Every event coming into our life needs to fit in this collection of stories that we hold inside, and if they don’t, we refuse them.

Sometimes, the stories we hold on to start to do us harm because they are no longer true, or maybe they were never. This is the time to reevaluate the meaning we put on this specific tale and make the necessary adjustments.

To change something that the mind holds true, effort is necessary and courage. Courage to give up on what you grew to believe to be true. You are able to do this, I promise you.

When is the right time to give up on your dreams? The short answer is never, but many of us do it every day.

An idea is all that is needed for a dream to be born. This idea will draw your attention often until it becomes something you can’t stop thinking about. By now, it’s time for your actions to follow the path indicated by your thoughts. It is time for the real work to start.

To bring your dreams into reality effort is needed. The world is not eager to accept something new, and people are even less interested to embrace something different.

For some time, you will be alone in this attempt to create something from nothing, but as long as you hold on to what already exists in your mind, nothing will be able to break your stride. You might get knocked down, but this will not break you.

The only person that can convince you to give up is you. No one else has access to your thoughts unless you hand them the keys.

The path to follow from an idea to its realization is unique for each of us. Along it, you might be tempted to let other people do your part of the work, but that is not possible. People can help you, but none of them can do the work you need to do.

It is important for you to accept that what you will go through, trying to make your dream come true, is necessary. It will transform you into the person that can live that dream. When you get to reach the destination, you are already a new person. You are transformed.