Visitors in life

We are all visitors in this life. We are alive for only a moment before we become part of the ever-changing energy of the universe. No matter how much time any of us is given, what is important is the value that we are able to bring into the world, while we are here.

Too often we focus on the value that we can squeeze out from any situation, or any person, without considering what we can bring of value.  You are free to decide on what your goals are, but at a certain point, they will become empty dates unless what you are pursuing brings some value into the world.

Each of us is able, if we choose, to improve someone’s life, or make it a little easier. Sometimes, the effort necessary to provide help is a lot less than the benefit it will bring, but we fail to see that because we focus on what we need. We live in this world together, but we fail to understand that this means we are responsible for one another, and our actions are not impacting only us.

Before we die, we better learn how to live. Death is nothing but the shadow of a well lived life. It is no reason to be scared but to rejoice. It is what gives value to the days you have. Bring value to someone before all that is left of you, are fading memories.

As the sun sets upon your life, are you happy with who you were and how you lived?

I have been thinking about this a lot, but I am still not clear who should I be and what I should be doing. I am trying to live each day in a way that allows me to be at peace with all that I do. I am not always happy, but I am fine with that.

There is no recipe for a well lived life, but this doesn’t stop people from trying to sell it to you. None of us know what we’re doing. The ones that appear to have it together, decide to act, even when they don’t know how.

As you find the courage to take one step, the path lights up a little further. This is the best you can get. If in life you ever stumble on a well light road, there’s a big chance that it will not take where you need to go.

What you need to do in life is not fixed. That is why there’s no stencil that could work for all of us. The need for guidance pops in mind only when where you need to get is not as clear as it should be in your mind. When your destination is vividly held in your mind and your soul, the choices you need to make will be simple, but they will not be easy.

In order to look back on a well lived life, try to live today with purpose, so you can be at peace when it ends.