All I need to do is breathe. As long as I remember to do that everything will be alright. This is how I cope with my anxieties. It’s not a foolproof solution, but it helps me move past these moments that threaten to trap me.

On the bad days it feels like I’m gasping for air, and every time I get close to the surface of the water, something pulls me back down. I only calm down when I remember to breathe. The air I conscientiously draw in has a soothing effect on my mind, and I manage to find my balance again.

We all have some kind of fear or anxiety, and for many of us, they become a major issue in life. It does not have to be like that. It might seem that right now you are caught in a place you believe to be protective, but you are lying to yourself.

You got used to being afraid and the fear has become part of you. Giving it up for something you know nothing about, even if it’s better, frightens you more than the fear you live with. No situation in life can hold you prisoner without your participation. This is something we all have trouble accepting, but it needs to be accepted for us to start living again.

Accepting you let fear enter your life and your mind is a hard thing to do, but it means you can also kick it out when you choose to. You are not one with your fear, you were tricked into believing a lie.

There comes a time in life when you have to give up on all your regrets and make peace with who you are.

We all have done mistakes along the way, some more than others. Maybe we could’ve avoided part of them, but by now it makes no difference.

Every person that is wallowing in self guilt should stop doing that and start doing good, as much as possible. All that you have done is not going away, this is a fact. If you are honest and want to compensate for what you did wrong, only action can redeem you.

Your life, like any other, was not quite clear on where it will take you. You made some bad choices along the way. You might have paid the price, or you will pay it at some point in the future, but the hardest thing to do will be to earn your own forgiveness. Hiding from the truth and lying to yourself only postpones the pain, but once it will find you, you will feel it all at once.

When you make mistakes in life, you can try to correct them, where possible, or act in such a way so as to compensate for what you did. Some mistakes are so bad that none of these solutions work, but life will still ask for compensation from you.

When you are the one trying to make things better and regain balance in your life, you gain something that can never be taken away from you, self respect.