Listen to fear

The only way for me to move is on faith. I have no idea how will I do that, but I know that anything I choose will push me in the right direction.

I believe we all wish for life to be easier sometimes, but that might not be the best thing for us. Along our individual paths, struggles and successes tend to alternate in different shapes and sizes. When we are caught in the middle, it’s hard to see the potential benefits that struggle can bring. Once we manage to get over it and look back our perspective changes.

Sooner or later, you will find yourself in a difficult situation. Many times, it will feel like you are trying to go over a bridge and there’s a dragon in front of you, while behind someone set fire to the bridge. The only way to get of this bridge is to face the dragon.

The secret is to listen to your fears, but not be frozen by them. With every step you get closer to the dragon, it will become bigger and more frightening. You must not stop because the scariest moment comes just before you win. The dragon has nothing more to bring against you, and your path is free.

Your courage is what’s needed every time fear sneaks inside your mind. Listen to the fears, but never let them stop you. You will be alright. All of our wishes and desires reside on the other side of the wall we have created from worries, fears, and all the thoughts that hold us back.

Breaking this wall is going to be difficult, but it can be done. Going after what is on the other side will ask from you things you may not be willing to give. It is necessary to give up parts of the person you are now so that you can make room for the person you need to become.

I don’t know of any easy path from who you are to who you want to become. This path is different for each of us, and the result is never guaranteed. The reason to take the first step towards your transformation is that voice living in the back of your mind, and that faint feeling in your heart. Trust in them to guide you when the way becomes hidden in the mist.

The destination for your journey might be unclear, but as long as you put one step in front of the other, it will keep getting closer. All that you will learn along the way will help you become who you need to be to reach your destination. As long as you are open to the lessons, you can never fail.