Waiting for what?

You’ve spent most of your time waiting. What were you waiting for? First, you waited to grow up, then you waited to get some courage, and then you waited to be ready. You are still waiting to be ready.

Will you ever be ready to do what matters to you? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that you should never do it. Do it without being ready. Most of the things you desire in life are not about life and death, so if you get them wrong, you’ll only have to deal with discomfort.

Fearing this discomfort is what keeps you from acting on what is important, but is the same discomfort you need to face before you can reach what matters to you.

The option to stay here forever is not real, it only exists in your mind. So, regardless of what you feel comfortable with, you’ll have to leave it behind at a certain point. Don’t worry, it only means that you are moving into something better. The tricky part is that you’ll need to go through some difficulties before reaching that better place.

Life was never about what happens to you, but rather about what you’re able to do with that. Now you can use what is available to make life better for yourself, and also for other people. If what you desire matters to you, you have no other option than to act upon it. Everything else, you’ll figure out on the way there.

Do you need a break? From what? All that you’ve been doing was to sit on your ass, thinking about what you should be doing. By now it should be clear to you that thinking about doing things is not the same as doing them. It only tricks you into believing that you’re making progress.

Take a good look at where you are now. Notice everything. Does it match the image you had in your mind? Why doesn’t it? You’ve started on this path by fluke, and then you recognize it as the path you need to follow. For some time, you did the work without thinking much about it, and you made incredible progress.

As time passed you started to think more about what you should do, and you forgot that progress comes from actually doing the work. None of the excuses you’ve used to not back to work is valid. They only help you justify not using the time you have on what is important to you.

All of your life you’ve been searching for something to call your own, and you found it. You were blown away by the feeling it brought, but you were also frightened by how real it made everything feel. What if the reason you are not going back to do the necessary work is because you are afraid, you’ll succeed? What if what’s stopping you is the fear of being seen?

Each one of us wants to be seen, and you are no exception. It’s only that you spend so much time in your mind that it makes it hard to be real. What is yours will always find you, no matter how much you try to avoid it, and you know that only you can finish this, and release it into the world.