Scattered thoughts

You want to do so many things, but you can’t summon the will to do any of them. Why is that? Why are you not doing what you want to do? Maybe you don’t really want to do them and in this case, you need to question the reasons why you are not going after them.

Even when you are willing to put in the work, it’s hard to get out of your own way. You’re used to doing things your way, and that is all you know.

To introduce something new in your life, especially if it implies effort, you’ll need discipline and consistency. Find ways to trick yourself into doing what you know needs to be done. Make it easy to start and hard to avoid them. You should know yourself the best, so you must find what works to keep you doing the things that must be done.

Changing things is always hard in the beginning, that’s why starting is the most difficult part. To start, you need to silence the voices in your head that are telling you there’s no point in doing this, so why bother?

When you act on the things that need to be done, you get out of your head and into the real world. It is in the real world where things happen, and they happen from action. If you want to do the things that are important to you, focus on actions. While you are doing things, especially new things, your mind will forget to tell you why they won’t work.

Did you ever notice how your mind stays in the moment when you’re doing something and you are completely immersed in that activity? There is no need to stop it from jumping from one moment to another, from the future to the past, and then the present.

Curiosity and genuine interest in what you’re doing right now will keep the mind present, and for a while, all your worries will disappear. Learn to understand what activities have this effect on your mind, and put time aside for them. You might have a busy schedule, but you must always make time for the things that are good for you.

You are not used to having a calm mind. You might not even believe that’s a real thing, but if you experience it once, you’ll know that it’s good for you. Being immersed in an activity that you enjoy, and that also requires your attention, will not allow your mind to leave the present moment. There is no need for it to explore other places because it is engaged here.

Whenever you finish an activity like this you might feel tired physically, but your mind will feel refreshed, and you’ll experience a feeling that energizes you.

To find what works for you, it is necessary to do a lot of exploring, to try many things, while at the same time, paying attention to how you feel and if your mind is present or not. As a guide, you can use the feeling you had as a child whenever you played a new game or one that you really liked when time faded away.