Use the time left

What is it that you are waiting for? Why don’t you start moving? You have less time to be who you are with every passing second. There is no one else that can live your life for you. Until now you tried to hide from the world, and from life itself, but all that you managed to do was to remain stuck in a place between dead and alive.

If you are still breathing it doesn’t mean that you are alive. Living requires you to participate, to let life transform you, while, at the same time, you make your contribution to it. It might not seem true now, but the world needs your contribution. Your experience until today might contradict this affirmation, but things can be different from now on.

All that it takes is for you to start moving out of the purgatory you’ve trapped yourself in, by participating in life. Every little thing you do will influence the world and will change how you see the world. In the beginning, this experience will feel strange to you. This is because you are not used to feeling the things you are feeling.

Trust that you are moving in the right direction, even when you will be met with hardship. When you’ll find your path, trust will turn into certainty, and from now on nobody can stop you.

Live this life you’ve been given because it’s all that you have. If you hide from it, you are leaving the world emptier with every step you are not taking. So, take the steps and go live your life.

You don’t always understand what is good for you at the right time. Sometimes, it seems you figure things out when it’s already too late. This is how life works, you don’t know everything from the beginning. You are required to learn something every day, and, in time, you gather enough information to make sense of the things that happen to you.

Even if it’s stressful, you have to make your decisions based on pieces of information that don’t always make sense. Try to fit them together until you become clear on what is the next step to take. This is all the visibility you have. Every new step that you make is made on faith also. You take it because you believe it is the right thing to do. When things are not certain, like, all the time, you will have to rely on your principles and moral values.

If your inner compass is well defined, it becomes easier to make good decisions, even when there’s not enough information. It will seem that you know things before they are revealed to you. This happens because it is easier to identify what is good for you.

What is good for you is almost never what is easier for you. Having a moral compass will lead you in the right direction even when things get hard. Your values will not let you back down. Have patience. You will understand everything that you need to understand at exactly the right time.