Always unpredictable

There should be a point in everyone’s life when they understand that life will always be unpredictable, and there is no way to control it. Instead, what many of us do is use most of our energy trying to force things into a matrix limited by our minds.

Life is not limited, and it can be anything, right to the point where it becomes real. You are working against yourself when you focus only on what can fit into the made up picture in your mind. We’re naturally scared of what we don’t know. This is where the need for control comes from. In truth, we are never able to control other events, but we can control how they impact us, and how we answer to them.

Before being able to choose the way we respond to something that took us by surprise, we must become aware that there is a choice. Once we are aware of this, it becomes easier to understand how and why we reacted in a certain way, and this can provide that sense of control that we’re looking for.

This will not change anything from the outer world, but it will provide you with tools to be better prepared for all that you meet. Being prepared is important, and it’s doable because it is about yourself, but understand that you are never fully prepared.

Most of the time, in life, you will have to face what comes, with not enough time for preparation. Like it or not, at these times all you can do is control the way you respond to them.

Why don’t you try something new today? You’ve been doing this the old way for a long time. So long that it becomes the only way for you. Your little world might feel safe, but it becomes boring. There is nothing in there that can get your heart racing. The worst part is that you have nothing to learn anymore.

To change this, you have to step outside what you know, try new things, and relearn how it feels to be alive. You’ve been focusing on what you do without questioning if what you’re doing is good for you. So, now it’s time to do something that is good for you.

Like every time you try something different, is not going to be easy in the beginning. You might not even enjoy it, but if you know it’s good for you, then you have to do it. Your routine is still keeping you calm, but you can feel that something isn’t right. All that you do leaves you unsatisfied, though you do things right.

This is a sign that a change is required. It doesn’t even matter what kind of change, as long as it forces you to grow, and in doing so, expand your world. When something new enters your life, don’t run, rejoice because it’s an opportunity to learn. If you refuse new experiences, you’ll find yourself in a world that never changes.

Your life is meant to expand, and be transformed by your experiences constantly. How is that supposed to happen if you refuse every new experience?