Not always right

Truth is a challenging subject to discuss because we all think that ours is the only one. When thinking about how we perceive truth, perspective is always to be considered. In this world, there are things that we all agree on, and those are generally accepted truths.

For specific situations, how you look at something can change what you see. So, two or more persons witnessing the same event will have different truths about it. This is how we get caught in arguments where both parties are right, but the conflict can’t be avoided because no one even considers that the other parties could also be right.

Another difficult aspect of truth is speaking it. Not many of us can speak the truth in all situations. We act like this because we are afraid, we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, it doesn’t serve us, and many other reasons. Please understand that you can’t run from a truth that is yours to say. You can try, but the truth will always catch up with you.

Your life can become reacher when you accept that you don’t have all the answers, that you can’t always be right, and that your truth is not the only one. How you see things is important because your view is unique, so don’t give up on your truth either.

Find a way to balance between what you see in the world as truth, and what others consider to be the truth. We can all be right or wrong at the same time, but if one is right and the other is wrong it shouldn’t be the end of the world.

When you look at a situation from the outside it’s easy to think that you can do better than the person caught in that situation. This is not correct, most of the time, because from the exterior you are unable to see everything, so, to you, things appear easier and more clear than they are.

You will not have all the information until you go through the same things, and even then you still miss something. Every person followed a different path that led them to this moment, so even if faced with the same problem, two persons will have different responses.

All those prior experiences, influence one person’s behavior in the present moment. So, even if faced with the same problem, two persons will have different responses. It is not fair to judge things from a distance because the parts that we see paint a false image.

A better way is to give people a chance to prove themselves, and at the same time, try to put ourselves in their place, only to see if we can help in some way. Stop thinking you are better than everyone else because it stops you from being a better person.

You are free to decide on what you want in life, but swift judgment and lack of empathy for everything around you is not the way. All people go through some kind of struggle, and all need help. So, help somebody.