Obsessed with results

You know that is not feasible to work on two things at the same time and expect them both to be good. Still, you let yourself caught in this situation, where this is exactly what you have to do.

What now? How do you go about it? Knowing that you like to get things done, I presume that you’ll try to do the best you can on both, even if this means that you’ll end up exhausted. Do you need to get exhausted before you understand that this way doesn’t work?

Maybe there’s another way, a better way, slower, but more efficient. Try working on each of them for one day at a time. This way, you won’t have to switch from one task to another, so you’ll be able to focus on what you have to do long enough to make progress.

Your mind will be clear on what you have to do for this day, it will not get distracted by jumping from one thing to another. This will take the time that gets lost when switching, and make it productive. By holding focus on a single thing that you need to do, you are able to gain time.

In this fast paced world we’re living in, everyone expects results fast, and they seem to have forgotten it takes a minimum amount of time for something to get done. Most times, faster means subpar results, chaotic work, and unnecessary stress.

Learn how you work best, and learn to correctly evaluate your own results. Then you won’t be influenced by other people’s expectations, and all you’ll focus on will be the task at hand.

Everyone has become so obsessed with results, that no one is able to enjoy the process anymore. We’ve let ourselves tricked into a system where only results matter. This has minimized the work and effort that is behind those results. It has also fouled us into believing that they can be achieved quickly.

What matters can never be reached without work and effort. The people that have succeeded in something, seem to have done it fast, but this is only an illusion. In truth, those people have been working towards the success they were chasing, for years before you knew they existed.

Don’t allow the world to convince you that if you don’t instantly become a success, your dream is not worthy, and your work has no value. Most times, before you’ll see any tangible results, you’ll need to work alone for what matters to you. For a long time, this work will only be known to a small number of people.

The work you are doing needs to get you closer to your dream, and, for this, you need to find joy in what you are doing. Only then you’ll be able to keep at it when nothing seems to be working for you.

Be kind to yourself when the results you want don’t show up. Keep your focus on the work you need to do. It is never a waste of effort, because what you are doing is slowly transforming you, it helps you evolve.

To be honest, evolution is the only certain result of everything that you do. Everything else comes as a bonus.