Is there no good?

Take a good look at your life. Is there nothing good? There must be a nugget of hope somewhere. It can’t change anything on its own, but if you focus on it, and nurture it, soon enough you’ll find yourself in a different place.

Don’t beat yourself up for being in a place where life seems empty of joy. It is what happens when you focus on the wrong things. There’s still hope for you, but you’ll need to make difficult choices, to change how you do things, and most importantly, how you treat yourself.

The good you have in your life now, as little as it is, needs to be nurtured, so it can grow in all aspects of life. It can’t grow on its own because there are weeds that will try to snuff it out if left unattended. Your job is to always look for the good in your life, and rip out the weeds so it can grow.

The more you see it, the easier it will be to find it in other places. In truth, you are not finding anything new, the good was there all along, but you could not see it because you were looking for something else. What you’ve been chasing until now has not brought you the benefits you’ve been hoping for, so maybe you need to search for them in different places.

How you are now is temporary, but nothing will change without you doing something. Praise all that is good in your life as if it will be gone in the next instant, and after you’ve done it long enough, you’ll notice that there’s good all around you.

It takes so little to be happy when you don’t make things harder, that is. A new sunrise, a hug from a loved one, a good run, a few minutes of silence, this all can translate into moments of happiness. That’s the thing with happiness, it’s not a continuous state, but rather moments scattered through your life, and it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone.

It’s always up to you to make more of them, but it requires that you change focus from what you think you need to what you actually need. When you stop for a minute, and in that minute is nothing you have to do, listen to your soul. It will tell you what it needs.

Are you going to listen, and start noticing the small things that can light up your life, or will you pass them by, as you did before? The purpose of your life doesn’t have to be something so big that it changes the world. A better target can be to add up as many moments of happiness as you can.

Become aware that the world around you is beautiful, that the people you meet are worth noticing, and that they all have something to teach you. Not all the lessons that you’ll have to learn in life will be easy, but in every situation, there will be a glimmer of hope, a glimmer of happiness.

With every moment of happiness, that treasure that you carry inside becomes bigger, and it attracts more happy moments. There is no limit to your happiness unless you build one for yourself.