Find the rhythm

Every person is trying to find the rhythm of life. Some find it early in life, some find it late, and some never find it. The purpose of the search is to learn to move in sync with life and try not to fight against it. This way, you can preserve your energy, and, at the same time, make better progress.

You’ve been working your ass off, trying to make a name for yourself, but it doesn’t add up to anything. All this running around got you tired, and with nothing to show for it. Maybe it’s time to stop for a while and regain your balance. Standing still will allow you to pay attention to the world around you, and feel the way life flows.

This flow is what you need to become in sync with because when you move with life it’s easier to keep your balance, and it’s not as tiring. To be able to feel the flow of your life, a change is needed.

You must give up what you think you know, and all that you think you should do, and let yourself be carried by the flow. Where you’ll end up is not clear, but as long as the journey is something that you enjoy, the destination is not that important anymore.

Make this day important because it is, just like all days that came before it, and every day that will come after it. Don’t expect anything from this day. Give into it, and see where it takes you. Enjoy every second of it, and trust that you will find what you are looking for, by enjoying life.

The expectations you have about everything will influence the way you perceive life. Nothing else will have a bigger impact on how things turn out than how you expect them to turn out. This is not to say that there will be no difficulties or unexpected developments, but the way you act when met with them, is yours to decide.

When you focus on an outcome for your actions, the mind will try to find in the real world pieces that can, eventually, form the outcome you desire. If you expect things to go your way, most times it will be so. When you are afraid that things won’t go your way, this means that you are expecting to fail.

None of us control the way life unfolds, but we can make things easier by expecting the best out of any situation. It doesn’t even matter if it works out that way. What matters is that our view of the outcome can make the obstacles we meet smaller or bigger.

Why not make everything easier for us by always holding in our minds an optimistic view that is rooted in reality? There is no need to be the best every time. It is enough to just do your best, and trust that it will take you closer to what you are looking for.

If you happen to fail, welcome it as a new perspective. A perspective that will help you make better progress next time. Be careful with how you expect your world to be, because, sooner or later, it will become real. Make sure that it’s what you want.