No good reason

There is never a good reason to give up hope, but many of us choose to let it go because it hurts a little. Hope has the power to get you out of a bad place, but at the same time, it forces you to acknowledge the reality of the situation.

Its purpose is not to cause you pain by reminding you that what you want is so far away, but rather to let you know there’s still a chance to get what you want. When there’s no light coming through the darkness in your life, you tend to accept this as the only possibility.

You are wrong. Never consider the darkness as all there is. This is where hope can help because the light can show you a different option.

To pursue this other option you’ll have to fight and struggle, but it’s the only way to get rid of the darkness. The struggle is going to change you, and the fighting will take parts of you away, but what will be left will be someone better.

There is a chance you’ll be overwhelmed by what you’ll have to do to get out of the darkness, and then you’ll think of giving up hope. You can choose to give up the hope that is pulling you forward and let darkness surround you again, but what is the point?

Where you are now is not good, you know that. All this effort you made, in an attempt to escape, was fueled by hope. Let it give you the strength to get you to the finish line.

Do you notice the blessings entering your life now, or the ones that were there all along? What you’ve been living until now thought you that life is hard, and it is, but you are making it harder on yourself by ignoring what is good in your life.

Your focus is stuck on what is not working for you, and it causes you to see the world a lot darker than it truly is. To correct your perception, you need to start looking for the blessings that are in your life, so that you can notice the new ones coming in.

What you decide right now has the power to change the rest of your life. Your mind won’t change instantly, and you’ll have to fight it constantly, to keep your focus on what works for you, because your mind is used to seeing life like this.

How you did things until now doesn’t even matter. It is what you choose to do from now on that can change your life. If you consider that how you did things is wrong, that is bad for you, then start acting differently, and choose something else.

Your priorities need to change if you want to have different results, and for this to happen, you must change your focus. Searching for the blessings in your life will be beneficial even when you don’t find them because it calibrates your mind to see them.

When you do this long enough, results show up, and they will be much better than you dared to imagine.