There is no pressure

How much longer are you willing to allow this pressure to dictate what you do? You are the one who decides what needs to be done and what can be ignored. Not everything that is asked of you must be done.

To know which is which, you need to have a clear image of where you want to go. As long as you do not know what direction to move in, you’ll be tempted to accept all responsibilities coming your way.

No human being can do everything. That’s why is important to have some kind of a plan that can provide guidance when things get confusing. Prioritizing is another good way to decide between what to take on and what to ignore, but it takes time to become good at it.

The pressure you are feeling now, you let it in. The outer shell that usually protects you started to crack in places because you wanted to do more than you can. In the beginning, the cracks were small, but because you did nothing to fix the situation, they turned into big holes that let everything in.

To fix this shell, and have some protection again, you need to stop wasting energy fighting against all that comes in. Find a way to use these things to your advantage. This will provide you with enough time and energy to regain protection.

There will always be a pressure that you need to manage, and you can make things easier for yourself by paying attention to what you let in. Remember that only what you let in can harm you.

Ding-dong, ding-dong! It’s about time for you to give up all the bullshit you’ve tricked yourself into believing.

Why are you afraid? None of it is even true. It’s made up of pieces that you have collected until now. You have forced together into something that you came to believe is who you are.

Do you really know who you are? The way you feel when the reflection in the mirror differs from what you believe you should see is the proof you need, to understand that a change is needed. Make today the first day that you’ll act the way you feel is right. Not the way you are expected to act, not the way you should act, not worried about what people say.

What is the worst that could happen? You’ll feel alive again, by being yourself. People are too busy with their own lives and thoughts to be concerned with yours. This is why you need to focus on what you need, and how you can get that while letting everyone else do the same.

Turning back to the roots of your being is not an easy journey, for many it proves impossible, but it is necessary. For a life that is beautiful even when is hard, you must live it as who you are inside. Otherwise, even if you stumble into a beautiful life, you might find it hard to enjoy, only because it does not fit with the person inside.