Unknown before it is known

You’ve been playing this game of avoidance for far too long. Maybe it’s time you change your approach. All that fear you are feeling, is it doing you any good? You convinced yourself that is keeping you safe, but does it?

When you hold on to your fear for a long time, the world gets reduced to what fits inside the fear. That little piece becomes your entire world, and every time it clashes with the real world your fears are reinforced.

Fear hides things from you because it wants you to be weak so that you can be easily controlled. Life doesn’t have to be like that, and making it better starts with you not avoiding the things you are scared of. If you feel the need to grow, but it seems like you have no room for that, it’s a clear sign that you need to expand your world.

The only way to do that is to step outside of what you know. All that you don’t know is frightening in the beginning, it’s supposed to be, but the more you face it the better you’ll know it. You need to face at least some of your fears if you ever want to be more than you are right now.

Everything is frightening before it is known. You already know this. You have already faced some of your fears in the past, but it was so long ago that you forgot. Now it’s time to remember that you were not always like this and that you have enough courage to stop avoiding life.

Remember when you were a child and your curiosity pushed you to explore everything? Why is it that now you are afraid to even step out of this shell you have created? For some time now you’ve wanted things to change because you feel stagnant in a rut that you are calling comfort.

Your curiosity can save you from this but you need to give into it, to let it take you on some new adventure. All that you’ve been refusing makes up a big part of life, and what you call life it’s not everything that can be.

You have created a crooked structure meant to protect you from all that can harm you, but in an unwanted twist, it now acts as a cage that won’t allow you to grow anymore. There is no other way for you to be more than you are now, except to be free from this self built prison.

Break down the walls that keep the world outside, lean into your curiosity, and learn to feel something else than you are used to. The things you’ll experience will not always be good, but they can always be useful if you search for use in them.

We all look for safety, but life is not meant to always be safe. Sometimes you’ll have to find the courage to give up safety for the chance to evolve. No matter how much you wish for your life to be made of only good things, reality has other plans. Learn to use your curiosity so that you can be good even when things are hard.