Forgot to be here

How is it that we forget to be here? We allow the mind to go back, into our memories, and forward into the future, until we are exhausted, and can no longer enjoy the present.

Right now is when everything happens, and it would do you good to be present and enjoy it. Instead, we waste energy holding on to past regrets, and future “might be”, failing to see that the only place where we can do something about what we don’t like is here.

The actions you take now are the only leverage you have on the future, and there’s no leverage that you have on the past. Even worst, if you hold on to the past, you will end up losing your present and your future also.

This moment is simple. It’s all about what you think and what are you going to do about it. Without action, the thoughts going through your head can become overwhelming, and with time, they will isolate you from the real world.

Once this happens, it becomes difficult to return. For some of us, it becomes impossible to find a way out of the labyrinth we have created inside the mind. Living life requires that you be, act, and feel, at all times. You can be alive even if you don’t do any of these, but then it starts feeling like a chore, and there is no fun in it.

Whenever you feel lost, stop, take a breath, and remember that you are still here. Why not make the best of the time you have here? Time will pass anyway, but you will always have a “now” to make the best of.

You know what you have to do, but don’t want to accept it. It’s easier to find excuses for why you keep to this routine that is not good for you. What you do every day does nothing for you. It’s only a way to pass the time until you go back to sleep. And tomorrow it starts again.

Where has the joy gone? Where did this numbness come from? You need to find answers to these questions. The answers will never come if you don’t change something. Come back to life. Find the things and people that can make you feel again. Try new challenges, Do everything you can to break the bubble you’ve created for yourself.

This life that you have, it needs to be lived. Even if time keeps passing, what you are doing is not living. It looks like you are just waiting for the time to run out. If you don’t know how to break this cycle you are caught in, reach out, and ask for help. Some people want to help you, but you need to let them.

Step into the world, even if you are afraid. There is no other way to find a path that you are not used to. You do not need to give up everything that is old, but you must let go of what is holding you back. There is no reason for you not to have a life that fulfills you, but it can’t happen without your participation.

Your actions will be followed by effort, some pain, and struggle, but also joy, love, and fulfillment.