I’ve been waiting for a long time. What for, I couldn’t say. For things to get better, the world to change, love.

I’m tired of waiting, I want to make my choices, and act. I’ve let life pass by me like I was a spectator at a play, without any involvement.

Now, after time passed I see it as it truly was, full of opportunities and full of life. I was the only one that saw it differently. My mind made everything look dull, without any color or any appeal to me.

Thank God I learned to love. It has awakened me to the truth. It opened my eyes to the beauty of life. A beauty I want to taste, a beauty I want to be part of.

Due to love, I’ve found the courage to come out from the confinement of my own mind. I choose to embrace the world now. I never want to go back to being numb, to watching everything happen around me.

It is strange how all you once knew can feel like an old relic you don’t recognize anymore. It’s scary, but it’s good. It means you moved to a different place, a better place.

Find a place where to keep the old you, visit and learn why you did things and how they can be done better. Even if now you hate that person from the past, you can never get back the life not lived. Remember that person was a foundation for the one standing here. All you did or didn’t do brought you to this point. This point of revelation.

Love has awakened you to a life that you now see as yours. Truth is, it was always yours, but you closed it out and spent time in a dark corner of your own making.

As you step out into the light, I wish you all the good in the world. I hope you keep your courage, no matter what comes, and never go back to that dark corner. You’ll never fit back in there anymore. You have grown out of your old self and now you are transformed.