Thoughts in the night

In the evening sun, everything looked different. A feeling of peace took over. All the red from the blood spilled on the sand passed into the sky. A sky untroubled by what happened beneath it.

For John, it came as a time for thinking. Sleep was far away. Last four weeks, time started to move faster for him. His only guide was his instinct.

Since he stepped on the sand nothing felt right. Still, there is something pulling him forward. At first, he thought it’s the promise made to Marcus. It’s not. It’s something from inside. This gut feeling or whatever it is, brought him here, taking a man’s life, spilling his blood on the sand.

It’s not the first time for John to take a life, but it is the first time when he considered it unnecessary. If only these people would’ve listened. All this would’ve been avoided.

As John lay in a cave under the sand, he went over how the fight went. He tried to avoid the fight until the last moment, but once started, it was all that mattered. He liked it. He liked the feeling of blood rushing through the body and the clarity it brought to the mind. It was like everything else faded. All that remained were two men fighting for survival. He liked how all senses hyphened and the way muscles tightened and responded quicker than ever.

What bothered him was the fact he could find no reason this had to happen. But it did. Maybe now they’ll listen.

Thoughts kept coming long after night came. He thought about many things. He thought about everything like we all do when we’re left alone.

At a certain moment, the thoughts stopped or maybe he was tired. Anyway, sleep came. And it was good because it was needed.

Maybe by the time the sun will come up again the world will be different, better.

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