A walk on the edge

Life seems to be a walk on the edge of a cliff for most of us. It certainly feels like that for me. It is difficult to step away from the darkness and into safety. The darkness has an ill appeal. If you pay too much attention to the blackness it starts to feel good, it starts looking like your best friend. It surrounds you with what you want to see. It does this until all you have left is the darkness. When this happens, it opens up and swallows what’s left of you.

I know this because the emptiness knocks on my door often. Until now I have found the courage to refuse the hallow gifts it brings. But it makes it so easy to say yes. Every time it comes by again it shows me a future in the darkness. It looks so beautiful and simple to my eyes. It seems I can obtain what I want in this life easier than it really is.

Until now I was able to see the truth behind the smoke. All the beauty pictured to me had a simple price. Simple, but not at all easy to pay. I am asked to give up all that is good and beautiful inside, only to receive an illusion of beauty already rotten in the middle.

Many times, I was close to accepting what was offered to me, because it is easy to change all that time of hardship and work with some quick wins. Don’t let yourself be fooled by what is shown to you. Question everything that is offered. Trust in what feels true in your soul and put in the necessary work to reach that destination you hold in your heart.

By the time you reach the final point of your journey and all the sweat and blood on your body have been washed by tears of joy, the work you did won’t feel like a burden and all the benefits you picked up on the way will still be with you. Please believe you are strong enough to reach whatever you hold in your mind just as long as you are able to recognize the person you see in the mirror every morning.

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