Unclear path

The path I’ve set upon is not as clear as I’d wish. I move blindly with no guidance except the beliefs held inside my soul. I hope that is enough to get me where I need to be, even if most of the time it doesn’t feel so.

I try to be a good man and at the same time find the success I strive for. It has proved harder to do than expected in this messed up world. All things of value are cast aside, being replaced with useless, fake, and empty values. This is an illness that is dirtying even the purest of souls while they attempt to move forward in this world.

The lack of values leads to no one taking responsibility for their actions. We are waiting for someone to fix what is wrong in our lives while complaining about how no one is doing anything.

If we ever want to thrive and evolve to the level we desire, it is time to bring values back into our lives. We must have a purpose in what we do. We must be righteous and fair in any situation, even when is not to our advantage. Most important is to find a way to work together. It is the only way we can really fly.

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Ciprian A.

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