To be happy

You sit in your chair thinking that nothing happened for you, and it feels like today isn’t any different than yesterday. Are you willing to do something to change that, or you’ll keep complaining? Be honest with yourself, and accept that your behavior is part of the problem.

You are smart enough to see that you wouldn’t be here without your participation, but you still try to find blame outside of you. Does it even matter who or what’s to blame, if it does nothing to change things?

Right now you have a simple choice in front of you. You can either start here, decide where you need to go, and move, or sit in your chair complaining about everything in your life that feels unfair.

What is unfair is the way you choose to see the world every day. Yes, not all days will be good days, but you can be sure that they can’t be all as bad as you make them out to be.

Stop yearning for what other people have, and take another look at what you have in your life. There is a lot that you don’t see because you convinced yourself that everything is hard and everything works against you.

Think of life like the waves of the ocean, sometimes they bring and sometimes they take, but it’s never personal. This is why you need to focus on yourself and what you do because it has a bigger impact on your life than what other people are doing.

There is not much that you need to do to be happy in life, but you like to complicate things. Who decided that your life needs to be a certain way, that you have to do certain things? It was you. No one put pressure on you.

As a baby, you started with no plan, and you were fine with that until you grew up and started to consider more important what the world had to say, rather than what you felt inside. Piece by piece, you have created a plan for yourself, and while planning can be good, this time is stopping you from being more than the plan allows.

You need to go back to taking things as they come, to be interested in how they make you feel. In life, all you have to do is your best. If you can, do some good, and if you can’t, at least don’t do any harm.

What people say has no power over you. Their words can’t enter your mind unless you allow it. Once the words are inside, they stem into thoughts, and you start creating a place that is not yours. Right now, you might not recognize the thoughts going through your head, but they are yours. They have been created by what you let inside.

What you can do, is to stop running from them, and point them out. Once you bring them into the light, they lose power. They are nothing but thoughts, while you are a living being. Get back to living for the fun of it and it will all be fine.