More than this

You are at the center of all the experiences in your life. This means that you always have a choice about what you keep from those experiences.

Your mind is meant to be a safe place that can protect you when the world seems to be set against you, but for you, it does the exact opposite. So much of what you’ve let in should’ve been kept out because now it’s doing you harm. It’s also making everything harder than it needs to be.

Who are you? Do you even remember? Or have you believed the lies your mind told you? It’s time to have a conversation with the voice in your head. This voice is wrong about many things, and you need to understand why is that. You can understand only if you take the time to listen to what it’s telling you without judging it, or yourself.

Life will go on even if you continue to consider true what your mind is telling you, but if it’s not leading you in a good direction, maybe it’s a good idea to confront it. It will be hard to challenge everything you become accustomed to call life, but it’s something that you need to do if you want to base your change of direction on truth.

If you are honest with yourself, a change in direction is what you need, but you have never found the courage to act because you believe that who you are now is all that you will ever be. This is a lie you believed for too long. You can’t stay the same forever, so why not have a say on which way to go?

You’ve been through a lot in your life, and you started to believe that things don’t work out for you. What if that is not the truth? What if all you need is an experience that can change the way you’ve seen life until now?

Many lives went a certain way for a long time, defining how those people see everything, but then something happened, and it changed everything for them. It doesn’t matter how hard you try if in your mind there is no chance of success, but there are times when your effort is rewarded.

There will be times when you work for something with all that you have and all that you are, but you keep missing the target. Then, in a single moment, you have a change of view. You now understand that you must change direction.

The fear of letting go of what you know will try to hold you back, but it will have no power over you now. Once you understand who you are and where you need to go, there will be nothing that can stop you, except yourself.

It’s not that everything will be easy, but you can overcome any obstacle you meet unless you give up. When you find those things that speak to your soul, to who you are inside, you’ll be compelled to go after them. They will always call you even when you don’t want to listen. And somehow, all that you do will bring you back to them.