Moments in life

There are moments in life when things happen and something just clicks inside of you, and it expands your understanding of the world. What happens doesn’t have to be extraordinary. In fact, it might have appeared in your life many times before, but you were not ready to see it at that time.

You, and everyone else, are on an explorative journey called life. With every moment lived, you become a new person because you learned something.

The path you are on is filled with opportunities but you won’t see them if you are not ready to take them on. Once you’ve evolved and grown to a certain level, then you’ll be able to see the right opportunity for the level you are at. Think of it as levels of experience in games.

When you find an item that can be used at a higher level than yours, the item is useless to you now. When you reach the necessary level, then you can use the item. So it is in life with things you might have longed for all your life. What you want will never come to you if you are not ready for it.

“How can I get ready for it?” you might wonder. Well, there is no easy answer to this. Each of us has to figure out this answer and it will, most probably, be different for everyone. To figure it out you’ll have to learn about yourself, and to do so, you’ll need to explore, the world and yourself.

Why are some things easy to do, and others so hard? Is it about the thing you need to do or the way you approach it? It’s probably both. For some of them, your approach might create more friction than necessary, while for others it removes the friction. For the rest, it is the thing that is hard, but if you need to do it, what other choice do you have?

Life will rarely unfold like you’d want it to. This makes it a certainty that you’ll have to face hard things. To be prepared for the ones that could break you, stop running from what is difficult. Start facing the small annoyances in your life. Once you’re able to do that, take on more difficult things.

This will develop resilience in you. And you need resilience to go through life, otherwise you’ll have a very hard time. The saying “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” is about resilience, but you don’t need to get close to dying to achieve it.

You can have a more strategic approach, and every time you’re presented with something that seems too hard, you still go for it. When presented with multiple choices, go for the more difficult one. This way, you control the pace of your development, but even if you go slow, you’ll be better off than many people.

Resilience is your ability to endure difficult conditions without breaking, and just like a thousand-year tree, you need storms to become strong.