To adapt is unavoidable

Delaying is not the best way to accomplish things in life, although it’s what most of us are doing. We tend to postpone what we don’t want to do for as long as possible, not understanding that this is working against us.

The sure way past a problem is through it. No issue goes away by itself. We must face the problem head on, solve as much of it as we can, and make peace with what can’t be solved right now.

Every time we avoid taking action we miss a chance of improving. We go with what we know and we consider that to be the only possibility. What we know is not always the best, that is why we must learn all the time, and we learn the most by doing something that we don’t know, by moving past our fears and out of our comfort zone.

Nothing stays the same in this world, even if many of us want to remain in the same place, though it is not good for us anymore. For beings that need stability, it’s hard to manage an ever changing environment, but we have no choice except to adapt. Our ability to adapt, as a species, and as individuals, is what allowed us to evolve and conquer the world. We seem to have forgotten this.

We are now afraid to change anything because the changes might be bad, but we don’t consider what we lose by trying to remain the same. By doing this, we stop living long before we are dead. Life goes only in one direction, forward. We can’t change this, and it’s a good thing. Constantly moving forward forces us to transform, even when we fight against it.

To have any chance at a full life we must evolve, if not, we’ll feel like always being in a train station and never jumping on a train. Life is about action, so hop on.