Don’t stop for fear

My main strategy when it comes to fear is to quickly analyze the situation. If it’s not an issue of life or death, then I go for it. Using this approach, I have forced myself into situations I didn’t want to be in, but it also means I have learned more than I could’ve learned any other way.

The fear we feel, regardless of the reason, is there only to inform us about a possibly dangerous situation. We can’t consider this feeling as a universal truth. We must take it into account, but only after we understand if the fear is real or not.

Many times, the fear we feel is a natural response when we approach the edge of our comfort zone, but it doesn’t mean we must stop. Growth is always outside those edges, and can only be achieved by moving forward, in spite of fear.

As children, we knew nothing about fear, and every experience was a discovery, every fall was only a reason to get up and try again. As adults, we have forgotten to act like that, and somewhere along the way, we learned that it’s safer to stay down when we fall, even if it means we remain the same, and learn nothing.

Life is an experience of learning through living. So, if we stop because of fear, we also stop living, even if we are still alive. Progress and evolution are the paths to fulfillment for human beings, especially in this confusing world.

Strength can be found in the strangest of places. To me, trees inspire strength because they have withstood even time, and many more difficulties until this day. They remain unmoved even if scars of past storms are visible. We people are the same, even if we don’t see it. Our scars are on the inside, on our souls, but they are visible to the ones that want to see.

This world needs us to learn again how to see each other because now, many of us are focused on our own person and forget that not all is about us. We have moments when we need help. Helping people in need heals us, heals them, and heals the world. Who knows? Maybe someday you might be the one receiving the help.