Go be unstoppable

Lack of sleep is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it tires us enough that we give up all worries and facades and we return to being ourselves.  So much of our time goes into trying to be what we think our parents, our friends, or any other person want from us and we forget to pay attention to what we want to be.

This life has been given to each of us, individually. Even if all of us are interconnected, we must learn to live for ourselves also. For this, it’s necessary to search inside for clues on where we should be heading in life, and follow those clues.

In this life, we are allowed to be and to do everything we want just as long as we don’t hurt anyone and allow others to do the same. So go live your life.

Enjoying life is something that many of us forget how to do. We get caught up in every day’s tasks and stress for every little thing. We stress because the world is not as we want it, we stress for what we believe other people are saying about us, we even stress because the weather is not like we want it to be.

With all this stressing, our mind becomes overwhelmed and we fail to see the good things that still exist. Seeing the empty half of the glass becomes a habit that, in the future, will stop us from seeing all the other glasses that are half full.

No situation in life will ever be completely good or bad. It always has both, and we are free to understand it any way we choose. If we choose to focus on what can be helpful, any situation, we might be surprised by the blessings hidden in the mud threatening to trap us forever.

What we keep our attention on dictates the pace of the progress we make, or how long we remain stuck in one place. Your life will be as beautiful or as ugly as you are willing to see it. No external events will ever change your view, one way or the other, unless you allow it.

What I pray of you is to focus on what can take you where you need to go and see everything else as something meant to get you ready for when you reach your destination. Once you are able to do this you will become unstoppable.