We are all a little broken

For the last year and a half, I’ve been away from the world, and now, when it’s time to come back, I no longer know how to do it.

Talking to myself has become a frequent occurrence, so much that it’s almost strange to hear my own voice. I miss being around people I can share ideas with, but being isolated for such a long time has made me anxious, now that the world is starting to move again.

These days, I discovered that I need to relearn to be social, but at the same time urge me to keep my distance. Human contact is something we tend to underestimate, but it’s clear that we are not designed for a life in loneliness. It can be done, but only through will and discipline. This is not to say that being alone has no benefits, but being alone for a long time can also break a person.

After all this time we have been forced to be apart, I believe we are all a little broken. The only way to heal is to learn to trust each other again, help one another, and the world, get better.  Hopefully, this time apart was a good teacher, and now we will be able to better understand what we need as individuals, and what the world needs.

Each of us has a unique set of abilities and knowledge, that are needed in this world. In order to do the best of our time alive, we need to put what we know, and what we can do, to good use. This means working together for better results.

Today I started listening to the music inside my mind. Though I don’t always like it, I believe it has a certain magic. Moving through life to the rhythm of my own made soundtrack is an experience that can only be lived. Trying to understand it does no good.

We sometimes fail to understand that what happens in our mind doesn’t have to be true, but we need to decide on what we put attention on.

All of us have started this life as a work of art. Growing up, the art got faded and was covered with dust and mold. This doesn’t mean it is not there anymore, it only means that it will take effort and skill to uncover.

Don’t ever become convinced that what you see in yourself now is all you can be, except if you want to be that for the rest of your life.