The life you desire

What would you do if there was a way to create the life you desire? The expected answer is that you would start doing that thing, to create the life you are dreaming of. The real answer is that you probably already know what you have to do to move toward what you see in your dreams, but for a reason that is not clear, you are doing nothing.

Why do you stand frozen, even if the choices in front of you are clear? The outcome for any of these choices is not guaranteed, but neither is anything else.

You’ve been thinking too much lately, and you’re confusing this with actually doing what you are thinking about. Go back to doing things. It’s the only way that changes anything. If you think about it, you already know what you need to do.

You have to do it even if there’s no clear chance of success. It’s not about success, is more about doing what you can do because you know is the right thing. The world won’t provide you the solutions, it only provides you the puzzles. You have to come up with the answers by yourself.

Sometimes, the answers are so clear and straightforward that they’re easily missed. Slow down, so that you don’t pass them by. Right now, you have a few choices in front of you. Act upon one of them. See what happens.

There’s an equal chance that you’ll end up nowhere, or you’ll end up in a place that’s better than anything you could imagine.

Aren’t you tired of all this running around? You want to do so many things, but the more time passes, the less you seem to accomplish. What if you’re looking at your own life in a wrong way? All that you have done, was important for you at a certain time, even if now you might not be able to see the value in that.

You have a habit of trying to do too much too fast, and then looking at only the failed parts. Take time to acknowledge what you did right also. Focus on the courage necessary to take on new things, and give yourself the time to learn what you need to know.

Don’t expect to do everything right from the start because it is impossible. But when you start something, do your best to finish it. Every time you finish something, find the time to celebrate your successes and see the value in what brought you there.

There have been times when you failed in reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself, but if you are honest admit that you’ve learned a lot along the way. Next time you go after something that’s in the distance, remember to see and appreciate what is in front of you right now.

Yes, not everything will turn out as you want it, and that’s what makes it interesting because it gives you a choice. You can either choose to learn and move forward, or you can choose to give up. But the only proven path to everything you want is to never give up.