Choose love over hate

Why not choose love over hate? Why are you so against everything that doesn’t fit your views? There is another way you can approach this world. A way that requires you to choose love over hate, every time you can. This does not mean that you should disregard your own interest, but your approach should also consider everybody else who is involved.

When met with adversity, try to see where that is coming from. If someone stands in your way, try to understand why that person acts in that way. Give up the conviction that yours is the only view that is right. There is a lot that you don’t know, and acting like you know everything will only keep you from growing.

What you feel is not important to anyone but yourself, and it is not fair to expect other people to care. They have their own feelings to consider. If you learn to approach every interaction in a loving way, with only the purpose of enriching the lives of everyone involved, through this experience, you will gain something that is priceless, freedom.

Freedom from expectations, freedom to be yourself, freedom to allow others to be who they are. You are not required to like everyone, and there will be conflicts that can’t be avoided. But they are far less frequent than you make them up to be.

The way that you approach everything in life comes to a single choice, you aim for the good or you aim for the bad. And what you choose, you get to experience.

All that happens in your life is a matter of perspective. It becomes good or bad when you decide so. This does not apply to natural disasters, it’s more about the disasters you choose to bring upon yourself.

Life comes up with things that are not in your plans, and your initial reaction is to see it as a bad thing. What if you just don’t have all the information to make a certain decision? What if you only see what you want to see?

Before making any judgments on what takes place in your life, open your mind to the possibility that you might not know everything. Your opinion comes from what you know, and what you know is an infinitesimal fraction of all there is to know.

So, you are trying to judge complex situations in a simple way that can help you understand them. In this world, there are some things that can be evaluated through a black or white filter, but most of them lay somewhere in the gray spectrum.

The way you think must be flexible. You might need to be able to change your mind if new information becomes available. It is your right to hold any point of view about any subject, but it’s your obligation to consider everything that is available when forming your view.

Also consider that most of the people you believe to be against you, find themselves in the same gray area you find yourself in.