It adds up

There is a blank space in your mind like all your thoughts disappeared and it frightens you. Don’t worry. Fill this space with new kinds of thoughts, thoughts that can improve your life. You might not know what thoughts to let in, but you know for sure what you don’t want to let in because you’ve been running from them all your life.

For the first time, you managed to clear your mind from all the residual stuff that was collected in there. Maybe you wanted to still keep some of those old thoughts, but they would’ve done you no good. It’s hard to start again from nothing, but it comes with the opportunity to build something better, something that can enrich your life.

You are not used to your mind being silent, that’s why your anxiety kicked in, but this is good for you. Think of it as a vacation from a job that was stressing you out. There is nothing new that you’ll have to do now, but you’ll have to do things differently.

This free space in your mind will get filled again, but now you have the chance to control what gets in. Become aware of the thoughts that go through your mind, and pick the ones that are good for you. One by one, they will add up to something that will help you see the world in a different light.

Your life was not easy, and you are allowed to be tired, even angry at times, but it doesn’t need to continue the same way.

So, you want to be successful, but how can you do that if you don’t even know how success looks to you? You’ve been searching for a long time, but you never took the time to decide what you are looking for. Real success is never about the things that you can collect, but rather about the way it makes you feel. And you can be sure that your success differs from anyone else’s.

Sit with yourself for a while and get clear on what is important to you. Once you have decided on that, choose a different direction to move in. Don’t be confused, success is not waiting for you at the end of this new path you have chosen. Your success is made from what you’ll experience along the way.

Everything that you do, or not do, changes who you are, just a little bit. Over time, those small changes add up to complete transformations. This is why what you choose every time is important.

Society makes you believe that success means to have loads of money and to be popular. While this might be the truth for some people, for others, it is only an empty promise. True success is much closer to happiness, and just as happiness, is the result of small, seemingly unimportant actions.

What you send out into the world will find its way back to you. So, do things the way you’d want them to be done to you, treat people the way you want to be treated. Fill your mind with the beginning of a new, better life. This way, you won’t need to look for success, you’ll be a success.