Stop intruding

Stop intruding in other people’s lives. What makes you believe that you know better than them what they need?

Every person has inner battles and every battle has an influence on the way that person approaches life. From where you are standing and with what you know, it might seem that you are better prepared to solve the problem this person is struggling with.

There’s no way to know the whole story from where you are standing, so your assessment might be wrong. Because of this, the help you are eager to provide might do more bad than good. Help is to be given when asked for, or in such a way that it allows the person you are helping a way to accept it.

Nobody will accept help that they are not ready to ask for, just like you won’t provide help you are not ready to give. Your desire to be of service is a good thing, but have patience. Not every problem needs you to solve it.

Trust people that they are capable of solving most of their problems. Try to focus more on your own life. Find balance inside, so that when someone asks for your help, you’ll be in a position to give it.

Start every interaction from the premise that you know nothing, and that you are here to learn. If your advice is needed it will be asked for. The advice you provide without being asked for, has a big chance of being received as an insult. So, next time, just listen and keep your advices until they are wanted.

Every person that you meet leaves an imprint on you. Some are deeper than others, and many of them you are not aware of. When you interact with someone, things will happen also outside where you focus your attention. It’s not all about the words exchanged and what you are able to see.

How you perceive this interaction is influenced by what you choose to see in it. And what you choose to see in it gets stored inside your subconscious mind. What you hold inside this part of the mind doesn’t stay the same forever. It changes, it combines, it grows and if you don’t pay attention, it can influence your mind without your knowledge.

Your mind does this for every interaction, but if you are aware of doing it, then you can choose what to send out. There are two options that you have, you can send out love or you can send out hate. Everything you do can be reduced to these two options. And so it goes for everyone else.

The trick is that something good being sent your way can turn into something bad inside your mind. Your mind acts as a translator, and many times is not accurate, so you end up with a version of events that is different from what happened.

For a more accurate depiction of everything that takes place in your life, you’ll have to educate your mind to make as few presumptions as possible and base conclusions only on facts. What your life turns out to be is the result of the way you choose to educate your mind.