A slow start

A slow start is always better than no start. You’re used to doing things slowly because you’re afraid of what is new.

Your need to know everything about something, before you can start is hindering your progress. You are smart enough to tackle anything, but you need to trust yourself and start before every little detail is defined.

Most times in life, you will not know everything before you start, that’s why is necessary to start, and trust that with every step you make, something new will be revealed to you.

Think of how the map in a video game is not completely visible in the beginning, and with every new move, a part of the map becomes visible. In the same way, what you need to know is not available from the start, but the more you move, the more you learn what you need to know.

Starting is mandatory for any progress to happen in your life. You might lie to yourself that you are just fine where you are now and that there’s nothing you need, but soon enough, you’ll become restless, and look for something new.

Now, you are in the same place as before. You want to start something new, but you feel unprepared. It means that you need to learn and do many things in preparation for you to start.

While it is recommended to have a plan and be prepared, this phase is not meant to last forever. At a certain point, you’ll just need to start and trust that you’ll be able to figure out the rest later along the way.

When you look around it seems that everyone else is better than you at something. So, what can you bring into the world? If your answer is nothing, you are unfair to yourself.

The first mistake you are making is to compare what you can do with what other people can do, without considering the work they did to get to that level. Your life is not the same as anybody else’s, so your development will also be specific to you.

To identify what is your gift, you might have to try many things. Some, you might even become invested in, but if they are not right for you, you’ll have to give them up. When you’ll find what is yours, you’ll identify it by the feeling it brings, and by its ability to alter time when you are immersed in it.

Use the way you feel to guide you toward what you need to experience so that you can find what you are meant to be doing in this world. Once you find it, do your best to become better at it. Work on developing skills that can make the world better, and at the same time can improve your life.

When you have become good enough at this thing that is uniquely yours, it’s time to start sharing it with the world. In doing so, you’ll find out that sometimes, giving means that you are left with more.

The next step is to help others identify what they are good at, and how to develop that.